• A-BART Treatment Instructions

    Phase 1:

    Challenge. This is to show that you are using the correct forumula. Start with 1 drop in a small amount of water two times a day.

    Hold the water in your Mouth 30-60 Seconds prior to swallowing. Increase dose by 3 drops every 3 days. For example, day four increase to taking 4 drops two times a day and on day 7 increase to taking 7 Drops two times a day.

    When you experience a Flare in your symptoms the challenge phase is over and we have shown that this is the correct formula to be using.

    Phase 2:

    Treatment. After your symptoms flare, Decrease the dose to 1 drop twice a day. Remain at this does until you no longer feel any symptoms are being flared.

    Then increase the dose by 2 drops. If you do not experience any symptom flares in 3 days, You may continue to increase by 2 drops every 3 days.

    If you experience any mild symptom flares, stay at that dose until symptoms improve. If your symptoms are signifigant, decrease your dose by 1-2 drops, or more if needed , until your are not experiencing any symptom flares.

    Then you can start adding more drops. Maximum Dose is 20 drops two times a day. Working up to the maximum dose may take several weeks to months.

    Please remember you should not be experiencing any signifigant symptom flares on this treatment. If you are, Your should decrease the dose.

    (Shake Well)

    A-BART Ingredients Data: http://lymepedia.org/a-bart-byron-white-formula/